Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Creekside HOA Board Approves Solar Guidelines

Today (Wed 3/10) the Creekside HOA board unanimously voted to approve these solar guidelines. So after 8 months of working the problem of getting the Creekside HOA to create a process for allowing and approving solar panel installations, the Creekside Architectural Review Committee is now prepared to accept and review installation plans for solar installations in Creekside. I would like to publicly thank Creekside HOA President Suzanne Towery, past ARC chairman Rich Fry and current ARC chairman Don Wildfang for their cooperation in getting this important Creekside HOA process changed. Eight months may seem like a long time to get something like this fixed but a little research on the Internet will quickly show that there are many cases all over the US where HOA boards resist these kind of changes for years and end up backing down and doing the right thing only when threatened with litigation. Our previous post on this subject is just one example.