Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SolarCity Installation At 5889 Montevallo In Creekside

Last Wednesday  Oct 20, 2010) SolarCity finished the physical installation of the our 3.4 KW Photovoltaic solar solar system here at 5889 Montevallo St in Creekside. The video above is time-lapse video (click here or on the photo above to view the video) of much (but not all of the installation process. We are currently waiting for our paper work to be processed and have PGE come "program" our power meter so that it is capable of keeping track of power that we don't use and put back into the power grid. Once PGE does it's thing we will be able to turn on the system.

SolarCity has been fantastic to work with throughout the whole contracting, design and installation process.

We will soon have more information about cost savings and other aspects of using a solar system on your home.

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